🟣 Got opinions? Product team wants to hear from you ($ paid feedback)

Hey Makers :wave:

I’m Lisa from the Product Team, and we want to know what you think!

We’re looking to recruit Make users to participate in paid research sessions (using Zoom).

We’ll be hosting paid 30-minute feedback sessions to talk about how Make saves you time. :alarm_clock:

  • Sessions available 5 - 9 September 2022
  • Thank you $30 USD (or equivalent in local currency) paid within 12 business days via gift card, such as Amazon or similar

What we’ll do in the feedback session:

  • Ask how you use Make
  • Ask about your job/work
  • Show you a few ideas we’re thinking about
  • Get your feedback on these ideas (and other thoughts you want to share)

No special knowledge is needed, but we do ask that you’re honest in your feedback and be willing to share about how you use Make and similar products.

Interested? :point_right: Message me at l.kleinman@make.com to schedule a feedback session.


Hey Lisa, how lovely to see you in the community!

Thanks for letting us know about these feedback sessions, they sound super valuable :purple_heart:

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