Greater than or equal filter not working

Hello Community,

can anyone help me to understand why the “greater than or equal” Numeric operator isn’t working?

101000+0 >= (100000+1000)-0

From my perspective, the filter has to allow the scenario going forward.

I’m desperate…

Thank you so much!

Hi, Markus:)

Try checking the data types for fields by hovering over them. If they have a text format the numeric operator won’t work. Then try to use the parse number function:


Dear Mania,

indeed, its formated as “text”. You are right…
Thank you for your help!!! Since hours I was testing an searching whats wrong…

Take care and with my best regard from germany…



You may want to closely experiment with the Make User Interface to understand how to “inspect” the various pieces of data that appear. I like to create my own JSON and then Parse JSON module will convert it as if it came from a regular module. After all the results of most modules come into Make as JSON.

Here’s an example:

This is the JSON I put into Parse JSON

    "ten_as_text": "10",
    "ten_as_number": 10,
    "ten_in_array": [

This appears when you click on the operations bubble in the upper right after you execute the scenario. Note that you can’t really tell what sort of data type in the output bundle. This is highly unfortunate of course because you can make assumptions since all the 10s in the display look identical.

You can only tell when you start mapping them into subsequent modules. Hovering over the mapping element will tell you the datatype in < and > markers:

Hovering over arrays will only show you the datatype of the first element unless it is a collection and then it will unfurl the first element as a collection


Thank you very much @alex.newpath for your additional information and clarifying the issue I had.
And indeed, I learned something today and that will not happen again to me :wink:

Thank you!