Gumroad integration (with Ghost)

Hi everyone, I have a problem with this integration which should be simple.
It is simply a matter of connecting people who subscribe to Ghost, making them become members of Ghost to see the contents of the blog. Of course I would like it to do the opposite, ie when a person unsubscribes automatically they are deleted from Ghost.
The problem is that gumroad only takes one ping per endpoint so it all has to be done in a single workflow, there is no other way. I can’t figure out how to organize two triggers in the same scenario, or how to create a condition to direct towards subscribing or unsubscribing.
How can I do? Do you have any ideas?

Hey @Angelo_Carrieri ,

You can’t have two triggers in the same scenario, but you can do the following thing.

Of course, the second trigger should be in a different scenario, but essentially what you need is just a trigger from Gumroad informing you that a user is unsubscribed.

I hope this gave you enough info.