Hello i need to seach an item inside an array aggregator

Hello i need to execute a single action if there is a phone number in the list.

For example: if 389***** is in the array > “you are in the list” else “you are not in the list”

Can someone help me?
Thanks a lot

You can use map to get this done, basically what you want to do is either add a filter before the module that you want to trigger the message you are in the list or not,

What you want to do is, setup a Set a variable module and do the following logic there,

{{if(length(map(2.array; “Number”; “Number”; 389)) != 0; “you are in the list”; “you are not in the list”)}}


@Runcorn thank you so much! Your answer is not fully correct but helped me to find a solution reading the documentation. The map() functions wants the raw name of the value item.

In this case, Number is not the raw name.

I solved it using this expression

{{if(length(map(2.array; “phone”; “phone”; 389)) != 0; “you are in the list”; “you are not in the list”)}}

The screenshot can explain better.

Thank you so much again!

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