Help! Content Property Blank with 'Watch Channel Messages' Discord Module

I’m using the “watch channel messages” discord module.

I can successfully retrieve messages but the “content” property is blank even though I have created a message on discord.

Why is this happening?

It is only showing content for the messages the bot has created, not for any user generated messages

See this link :


According to Discord, message content will be categorized as Privileged Intent starting September 1, 2022.

This means that users who have installed our verified bot on their Discord server will not be able to use the following Make modules with the bot:

  • Watch Channel Messages
  • List Channel Messages
  • Get a Message

Users who installed the Make verified bot to connect to the Discord app on our platform will see the empty values of messages that the channel member sends for the fields, content, embeds, attachments, and components in the output.

The Make verified bot is still able to receive the messages for the above modules under the following conditions:

  • Messages the bot sends
  • Messages the bot receives in DMs
  • Messages in which the bot is mentioned

If you want to use the aforementioned modules, you can create a custom connection using a separate client ID.

You can follow the second section or the last link above and see if changing the bot configuration Privileged Gateway Intent in Discord will solve the issue you are facing.


In the discord developer portal enable “message content intent”

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