Help Creating Itinerary from Airtable data to a Google doc

Hi, I’ve been working on an automation that takes anywhere from 10-30 line items from an Airtable search and then prints the line items (which are retreat sessions) out in to an itinerary - so they are in order of date/time - and have some other info, like directions, times, etc.

I’ve been able to do something like this: (where everything prints in order of day time by just appending a paragraph to the end of a document)

I really want the automation to print the itinerary “prettier” more like this:

Currently this is how I’m doing all of this:

  1. Webhook from softr triggers make
  2. I search in Airtable for all line items that match my “booked retreat session id” and they are returned
  3. I search a few other tables in Airtable to get more data I want to add to my itinerary.
  4. The data is added to a data store
  5. Separately I have a 10 second delay timer and then I search for the items that were added to my data store, then sort them by date/time.
  6. Then I have a module that appends data to the bottom of a google doc for each line item.

Is it even possible to do what I want? I’m new to Make and I’m not sure I’m making the best use of the iterator or repeater to make this work the way I want it. The document I’m producing is just ugly.

I know I can create a doc from a template and get better formatting, but I haven’t been able to figure out to use that when I’m not sure how many line items there are, and even when I can count the line items, I’m not sure of the next step.

Is there anyone out there familiar with something like this? We’d be very happy to hire someone that has the time to help in the next week. We currently have a pro plan but can upgrade if needed for scripts.

There are two ways of doing this.

  1. You can format the destination Google Doc variables.

  2. Send the formatted values from Make itself using formatting options.

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Manish Mandot

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