Help extracting values from array

Hello i would like to extract these values from my array:


Whats the easiest way to do this?

blueprint (7).json (36.6 KB)

Long story short: I have a list of zipcodes (Hundreds) that i extract values from, each of these zipcodes is returned in JSON containing alot of information, i only want to extract the values for each of the zipcodes.

I also managed to use the lterator to accomplish this, but i cannot use the values seperatly later down the road…

*Cannot use the values, can only pick the first one:

Any simple advice on this would be very nice it will unlock alot of oppurtunities for me in Make

To split each array item into separate bundles, use the array in the Iterator module.


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Hey Sam,
Hope you are well.

This is exactly what i have done, but i cannot choose all the values from JSON. It only looks like i can pick the first one.

If you have iterated the array, you can map the value that will be passed to the next module.

Then, if there are three items in the array like your screenshot, the next module will run three times for each value.


I have iterated the ‘Parse JSON’ and the values are inside Bundle1, Bundle2, etc… collections…

But here is my issue: I need to put the numbers in their own field in Webflow, but how can i do this if only see one “Value”, there should be options to pick like “Bundle1” “Bundle2” or “Bundle3” based on the collections i just made with the lterator… Do you understand my issue sam?

Like this one, i need to put the number ‘28268’ in field 1, i need to put number ‘40202’ in field 2 and ‘44168’ in field 3… (The field numbers are just a example) but i need the option to seperate the values and add them to webflow…

In that case you need to delete the iterator and keep them as an array.

You can use the built-in functions map and get to map individual values from the array.

See here for an example Split Open Ai output to multiple outputs - #8 by samliew