Help Request : How to choose a random option from my "Bundle Order Position Filter" output?

Hello, thanks for taking the time to help.
I’m new to make and believe the solution to my issue should be pretty straight forward.

What I’m trying to avoid :
More than one output ( in my case a link to a photo) per “run” ending up in my google sheets.
(At the moment when I run this scenario, I am given 3 outputs in my google sheet.)

What I’m trying to achieve :
I want to choose 4 or 5 images from printify’s output, with the “Bundle Order Position Filter” (Which currently works).

And then I want to randomly choose 1 of the 4-5 outputs from the “Bundle Order Position Filter” (This is what I can’t figure out).
Which in my case is then places into a google sheet.

I’ve tried using most of the options in the “Flow Control” module, and tried different filter options.
But again I’m new to make, so I apologize for any confusion…

flow control array

Hi @Wannabee,

You can set up an Array Aggregator after the iterator and then perform something like this, resulting in random images you get from the iterator.

{{get(2.array; floor(random * length(2.array) + 1))}}

You won’t even need the filters logic that you have and directly use this.


Thank you for this!

Do I replace both of the “2.array” with the “Flow Control”? Or the image output from Printify?

At the moment I added it to my scenario, and replaced the first “2.array” with the “Total number of bundles”, and the second “2.array” with “src” from flow control…

Thanks again though, my apologies for being a beginner here.