Help with Google Calendar recurrence rules error

Hi All,
First time posting.
Using the " Create Google Calendar events from data on your Google Sheet" template and getting and getting a RuntimeError: [400] Invalid recurrence rule.
Here is the error.

I put rule each in its own value field and also tried with them all in the single value field and get the same error.

From reading the ICal documentation the RRULE syntax I think is supposed to look like this.
But have not had any luck so far.

Any help would be appreciated.


absolutely wild guess.

google apps has some weird case sensitivity bugs across the board.
Try matching case. also try single lining it seperating with semicolons.
(first thoughts from my standard make module agnostic troubleshooting steps)

if that doesnt help ill replicate your scenario and see if i can pinpoint your issue and report back

let me know.

:make: :notebook:
have submitted a feature request to the make team to adjust the data structure here to be more consistent with other modules. should be key value pairs.

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