Help with regex


I want to extract the number after /ticket/ from that url with regex:

I tried /\/ticket\/([0-9]+)/ which worked in Simulator on but not in make.

i use the scenario match pattern.

thanks for your help in advance


If that’s all you’re matching, the number at the end of that single line, then you could use this:



thank you. as there can be other content too in that string, i went with this one:


from chat gpt haha :wink:

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Heya @elk welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanna quickly jump in and say awesome work figuring this one out with the help of @Donald_Mitchell and gold old ChatGPT :muscle:

Also, thanks a lot for keeping the community in mind and coming back here to share what you learned and what did the trick for you :pray:

Keep up the great work :sunglasses:

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