Hiring a Make expert - Freelance / Full Time


I’m looking to hire a Make expert on for my automation agency.

Initially hourly, and then quickly to full time.

I’m looking for someone with experience dealing with API’s, for example how to structure JSON for an API request, and using the HTTP module.

We are a team of developers, and take on various projects often focussed on AI automation and work with new API’s like BHuman which may not have integrations.

Looking to start someone ASAP, we have projects ready to go.

If you’re interested send me a message and I’ll set up a quick discussion to share more details.


Hi @ali_bean :wave:

Can you shoot me more details at projet@neodelta.eu please? We are a collective of freelancers (no-code ops & dev), specialized with Make and API with nos native integrations :grin:

Hi Alistair

In terms of my API skills, I have a strong background in working with APIs, including structuring JSON for API requests and utilizing the HTTP module. I have experience in creating custom integrations with various APIs, which aligns well with your agency’s focus on AI automation and handling new APIs that may not have pre-built integrations.

I have obtained the prestigious Make Certification at the Advanced Level 4, showcasing my expertise and dedication to advanced automation techniques.
I’m confident in my ability to quickly adapt to and work with different API specifications, which I believe will be a valuable asset for your team as you tackle a wide range of projects. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply my skills to your agency’s exciting initiatives.

I’d be more than happy to set up a quick discussion to dive deeper into the details of your projects and how my expertise aligns with your needs. Please let me know a convenient time, and I’ll make sure to be available.
Here is mail hishamakram58@gmail.com
Looking forward to the possibility of joining your team and contributing to your automation endeavors.