How aggregate multiple operations run by OpenAI module "Message an Assistant"?

Basically, I would give the attachments of an email to an OpenAI assistant which should reply me with an output. The problem is that it generates one result for each attachment receveid as input, so that in the following module you can choose only the first operation result between many. Is it possible to put together many results coming from different operations run by the openai module? I need this to send just one email instead of many emails for each output of chatgpt.


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After your ChatGPT module, you can add a “Tools/Text Aggregator”. It will allow you to generate one single doc with all the results grouped and separated by a line break or
(you can choose). When you select the “Source Module”, choose the “Iterate all attachment” module you used to loop through all attachments, or the Iterator if you used one.

If you need help, can you please send a few screenshots of your scenario and its configuration so that we can help you?


I just need to send a single email which contains all results of the different operation run by the openai module.


So yes you need to add a Text Aggregator.
But I need to see how you extract the attachments so that I can guide you to configure the Text Aggregator.

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If you used a “Iterate Attachments” Module, you have to select it in the “Source Module” of your Text Aggregator.

It should look like this

Thank you so much for your help. Now it is working.