How can I add the customer account when creating a new Active Campaign deal?

Hi all,

I have set up a make scenario that creates new deals on Active Campaign whenever a status changes on Everything works as intended besides the fact that I’m unable to add the account name or id simply because this field does not exist within the module, as seen on this video. Additionally, even though I’m able to relate a contact to the deal through the scenario, the account name doesn’t show up on Active Campaign.

Zapier has the account field available for the deal creation action so this must be possible through as well. Can anyone advise how I can go about it? Thanks in advance!

Hey @nadya , I haven’t used ActiveCampaign but it could be that this field is missing in the module. In that case, it’s always good to create a support ticket.

In the meanwhile you could make an API call to update the deal, and add the account. Use the module “Make an API call” with the following details:

Endpoint: https://<yourserviceurl><dealid>

  "deal": {
    "account": "45",

Hope that helps you

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