How can I convert Collection Bundles to an Array?

Hello make Community, i’m stuck and would love some help!

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    So i’m trying to sync data from an external system to my website CMS. The external system is called Ponty and the website CMS is Webflow. Mostly it’s working but i’m having some issues. The current issue is when I use “List Items” from webflow I can not iterate over them. The problem seem to be that webflow gives me separate collections for each post. So I’m trying to convert them in to an array. This is where I get stuck.

The output from Webflow List Items results in 3 Bundles(Collection) in the output

I Tried connecting the iterator directly to Webflow - List items but there is no array to connect it to.

So now i’m trying to convert the 3 collections into an array using parse JSON but i’m not sure how to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i’m out on deep water here :smiley:

The output bundles of Webflowe will be processed 1 by 1 in the modules that follow. No need to add an interator.
What do you want to do with the output of Webflow?

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If you want to continue with 1 bundle you need an aggregator. Which aggregator depends on the data you want to have in the subsequent modules

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Hello Keja, first of all thank you for your quick response. I really appreciate it.

The issue might be something else then that I am not understanding. As you can see below when I run it with only an iterator it runs only 2 times even though there are 3 bundles.

There seems to be something I’m missing in the configuration.

Best regards

since the “Item ID” is not an array, the iterator has no purpose (you can remove it).
Can you check in the output which items are processed and which one is missing? That might give you an idea of what is missing…


Hello @Stormfors_Analytics,

As @AutoPilots mentioned, you don’t need your Iterator module because Webflow is acting as the Iterator here.
Webflow outputs multiple bundles and anything that comes after it will run for EACH bundle.
When you map items from Webflow into other modules, all you see in Webflow are items from the first bundle.
That Webflow output also includes special variables Total number of bundles and Bundle order position to let you know how many bundles there are total and which one you’re currently working with.


Great! Now it works. I had to remove the iterator and set up the filter to listen when the current bundle = total number of bundles. Thank you very much @AutoPilots and @Donald_Mitchell for your assistance.