How can I edit/update meta-tags in wordpress create post?

Hi community!

First time I write here, as I couldn’t find this info! sorry if you addressed it in another way that I didn’t get!

I want to create new posts, having updated every meta-tag possible. But for some reason, I can’t update them.


  • I have installed the Make-INtegromat plugin
  • I have checked every Api custom field in the settings

In the module “Create post in WordPress”, I have it like this

It’s a problem of nomenclature? Im typing wrong the “name” or “value” fields? Or there is another step that I’m missing?

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Same issue here, did you find a solution?

If you are referring to standard wordpress tags, I believe the tags need to exist before they can be added to a post. They also need to be added by their specific ID (number) as opposed to text based name.

For my own wordpress post flow, I use the create tags module if they don’t already exist and then I use the search tags module to extract their tag ID’s which are then mapped to the tag field in the wordpress module.

It’s a bit convoluted if you ask me but after much trial and error it seems to be working correctly now.


Yeah… it’s the typical SEO standard tags for the Crawlers… Meta-title, Meta-description, and so on…

And no… I couldn’t find any solution to this yet…
I have written to support, how long does it takes to them to answer me back?


I just want to upvote/update this post,
I am facing the exact same problem

It has been more than a week since I wrote to customer support about this matter to… is it always like this? (I’m new in the platform defining if I move from zapier to here)

Hi everyone. So I found the tags name you can create-update in make vía Wordpress create post. I’ve obtained them vía “get post” in Make.


I tried to look up for these specific tags… but I don’t recognise them ase valuable meta-tags for search engines… Any of you may have any resource or bibliography to share regarding these, in order to learn if it’s actually a good idea or not describe them in each post?

any updates to this post ?

Martin, did you figure it out?

If you use the custom api fields with yoast or rank math, you can pull meta description and title, that’s all you need.

Any updates on that?

what is the custom api fields for rank math ?

@yyshin Not sure since I use Yoast but If you go to custom api fields on make plugin, try and find something that contanins meta,title or something…

hey folks, i use rank math and i can configure them via update post. I use the make plugin for wordpress. Thats a good way to activate a lot of meta fields and then you can access them via make.
So for the keywords the name is: rank_math_focus_keyword
Meta description: rank_math_description