How can I retrieve student scores from multiple courses and save them into a single file?

Hi! I am a complete newbie to Make and have only set up 2 scenarios that were fairly easy. I am attempting to set up a scenarios where students scores are pulled from each course and put into a file however I can not figure out how to select the other collections from my previous modules, I am only able to retrieve the first collection. If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

How to make works is, for eg, the iterator that you are using, if it has 10 items in it then all the subsequent modules after the iterator will run 10 times, so, the mapping shown in the screenshot will display all the possible values to you.

So, Not sure if you meant the problem was this, bit what you can do is put the Course Name from Module 12 in your scenario. And, it will be run 10 times or number of bundles that you iterator is outputting.

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Thanks for your response! Is there a way to use the data from all the bundles in the next module?

For that you can use aggregators, there are a few variants of it like array, text, and numerical.

And others such as JSON aggregator, CSV aggregraor and such.

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@Krypto if you check out the free Make Academy you’ll see that the level 2 Make Basics course has a module that covers the use of aggregators!

Make Academy is a great resource for newbies!

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