How do I create a new Google sheet connection using connections api

I want to create a Google sheet connection programmatically using the connections API.
I am getting an error and not sure whats going on here

This is the URL – POST

    "accountName": "google_test",
    "accountLabel": "Google Test",
    "accountType": "oauth",
    "scopes": [


    "detail": "Failed to load manifest for connection 'oauth'.",
    "message": "Bad Request",
    "code": "SC400"

How do I fix this? Thanks!

Hi @Raj_Gaur , I believe you have to specify “google” in “accountType” instead of oauth.
That should fix your error.

However, I struggle the same. I’m able to create a connection via the make API (status 200), but it’s not listed in the connections afterwards… :frowning: