How do I extract uploaded images from Google Drive?

Please send me as screenshot of your Get Latest File module output as shown below

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all good now @AICADAMY ?

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Sorry Pierre for the late reply. It kind of works, but it always pulls out the oldest picture uploaded from the drive, and not the newest that comes in. I looked at the details, and saw that every image gets put in a “Bundle”

In “Output” → “Bundle 1” → “Array” → “1” is the newest uploaded Image from google drive.

Then, in the first “Set variable” Module, the order is reversed. What was in 5th place in the first step is placed in 1st place here.

So the second “Set variable” Module takes the first sorted array from the first module. And thats always the first Image I uploaded to google drive, and not the latest

@PierreL Did your receive the message?


Can you make a test and change the sorting from DESC to ASC and run your scenario?

Nope, it still does the same as before. Takes the first image that was uploaded to the Drive

Theres something with the sorting between the “Array aggregator” Module and the first “Set variable” Module

@PierreL Just checking if you have received the messages


Can you please confirm that you properly entered the sorting value as shown below with a capital T?

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and can you also check that ALL fields are captured in the ARRAY module?

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Here, I entered the sorting with a capital “T”

If I select “All fields” in the Array Module, it somehow catches the chatgpt ID, and not the Images from google drive

ChatGPT ID has nothing to do with it as your ARRAY is an array of FILES stored in a GOOGLE FOLDER.

It looks like you’re not mapping the right info into the LIST FILES FROM FOLDER module.

Can you show me the configuration of your LIST FILES FROM FOLDER module I asked you to create?

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so 1 comment → maybe increase the LIMIT to more than 10 files otherwise you might be missing some files - however this is not the problem - can you show me the configuration of the ARRAY AGGREGATOR? it looks like the mapping is erroneous - you can also send me in PM your blueprint so that I can test on my environment

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Regarding the fact that FILE ID is always unchecked in the ARRAY AGREGATOR, this is really strange;
so let’s do it once again:

2/ click OK
3/ Save your Scenario (CTRL + S)

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Does anyone else know a solution?


Welcome to Make Community!

We have a solution for you. Please check the below images and notes.

Please select the correct folder in the Choose a Folder Column.

Use the download module as shown below.

You have to use a filter to filter the latest one from the search module. Please check the image below.

Apply this filter so that you will always download the latest one.

We hope this is what you are looking for.

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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