How do I get the balance of my assets through the binance model?

How do I get the balance of my assets through the binance model? Do I need to calculate the percentage of open positions or is there another way to set me to buy only 10% of the balance of my assets?

10% is just an example, or an increase or decrease in other balance considerations, or even a 100% liquidation of SPOT.

Using two unnecessary interrobangs to convey your surprise or excitement doesn’t help here, because it is generally used by writers who want to add a sense of humor or irony to their writing - unless you are trying to be humorous or ironic.

In this particular case, the question is about how to calculate assets to get the balance through the Binance API. This is a question that is specific to Binance and the Make community does not have expertise in this area.

The Make forum is a community forum where users can help each other. While there might be some users who have expertise with Binance, most users here do not. This is why it is likely that you will not find a solution to your question on the Make forum.

I would recommend that you ask your question on the Binance forum or consult Binance’s API developer documentation. These resources are more likely to have the information you need.

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It is exactly as @samliew said. This community serves users to advise each other. They can post educational content, ask and answer questions, or even offer their services for creating scenarios with Make.

There’s no need to use two interrobangs. Here in the community, we keep our tone respectful and constructive. To learn more about the community and its rules please visit our Code of conduct where you can find additional information.

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