How do I remove the < and > by using the Tools function?

I try to get the URL inside a < > (example, it is wrapped like this <>, and I would like to remove the < > to become a text of for sending to the next step.

I have already watched How to Use the Make SubString Function with 5 Example Use Cases. However, I still couldn’t get it.

Thanks in advance.

Hello! Welcome to the Make community!

There are multiple ways to do this. One relatively simple and straightforward is to use the replace function with a regular expression:

the regular expression here is /<|>/g
Which means < OR > and search globally




Thanks Benjamin, it works!


Thanks for solving my last issue, Benjamin!

I now have a new URL wanted to grab, I got the link from google alert, and it is like this:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Where you can see, it is wrapped with ht tps://


ended with


however, the ending part are always radom each time, may I know how to replace/remove them so I can just get the link in between all the time?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Eric_Leung
To extract the URL from the link, you can use a regex expression to capture the text between “&url=” and “&cd=”. The following regex will do:
We have tested with one of the link you provided.


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Thanks MSquare, it works very well. Thanks again!