How do i setup confirmation from Stripe to Make to Facebook Conversion

Hi guy, I’m new to make and need some help setting up a scenario. Senario will go like this

Stripe payment confirmed → Make sends info to → Facebook as custom conversion.

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What help do you need with setting up such a scenario? Would you please be able to provide more details?


I had a problem with the facebook and make but I fixed it

Hello @Elia :blob_wave:

Awesome to hear that you found a fix to your issue with Facebook :clap:

Would you mind sharing what did the trick for you? It could really help others who might be facing a similar challenge in the future.

Thank you :raised_hands:

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So my problem was to get a custom conversion/pouches from Stripe to Facebook

So I set up a watch event from Stripe that tracks checkout fulfilled press add connection connect with stripe with your API Stripe key. You can find it in your Stripe account.
Use test mode first to be sure it’s done correctly.:arrow_down::

Do test purchases in stripe with test mode to see all the data you need to set up the conversion in the next step.

After that, I set up a Facebook Conversion API which was super easy.
:one: You press the connect account button.
:two: The Make system goes through the connection for you and guides you to which Facebook ad account you want to use.
:three: Then you select what Facebook pixel to set up. (You can even set up the pixel from this page, would not recommend it! Set up the pixel correctly in the Facebook business manager.)

If you still have any isseis or are not sure how to place the data in the right order. Answer this massage and I will get back to you!


Wonderful, thanks so much for sharing :meow_party:

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