How do I substitute " " (blank) with a character like "-"?

My scenario is to take some regular text and make them SEO friendly. That means instead of spaces between words, we have “-” separate each given word.

I looked at text tools, but couldn’t do so.

Hi! You can use the replace function - try mapping it like the screenshot I uploaded.
You can find the function in the mapping menu under text functions - same with the pink space operator

If you want to replace MANY “-” not only one occurrence then use this global replace function. Important is here the global match part, it will replace ALL variables.

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For clarity,

The replace() function that @MiraSmira gave DOES replace ALL occurrences of " " (space) with “-”.

Jim - The Monday Man

I want to do the reverse: I want to substitute every emptystring to “-” to make an SEO slug. Can I just reverse these two?

When I click on “module documentation” it goes 404. the text I want to change is " " space. How do I generate the pink space operator?

Hey @assembly ,
You can do this like @MiraSmira suggests with the replace() function. The “space” can be found in the functions as well, see screenshot:

Ah yep, now I see how to make the space.,