How manually validating a text


I know how to generate a text using Chatgpt.
However, I would like to validate it before it continues the workflow.
I thought why not have the text sent to my Slack and if I put a :slight_smile: on the message, it continues the workflow and if I put the reaction :(. it is rejected.

However, I’m still a beginner on Make.
I’d like to know if my workflow is feasible?
If you know how I should do it, or if you have templates that I could use as inspiration?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the Make community!

Throwing Slack into the mix will make this too advanced and complex. While it may be doable with two separate scenarios, I would advise not to go down this route.

I would suggest completing the Make Academy before jumping into building a complete scenario.

If you need specific assistance when you are building a scenario it’s easier to help you then.

Otherwise, you can also hire a professional by posting in the Professional Services category


Here are some useful links and guides to help you get started and learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules —


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Hello Samliew,

Thank you for your help. And I have good news… I did it!
I suspected that 2 separate scenarios were needed and you confirmed it for me a little.
So I decided to do what I had in mind. once you understand the mechanics of Make, the setup is rather simple. Make is well thought out…

I just had a real doubt when I realized that the Slack trigger for reactions/Event didn’t work. It was a disappointment because everything was there and everything worked well very quickly, but I couldn’t retrieve the reactions.
A long time ago, I created a Slack app to interact with a script/webhook. I told myself that I could try this route on Make… and it worked!
So, I manage to generate a message, he sends it to Slack. I put a smiley to validate it and it is automatically published…
It’s magical when our automations work :slight_smile:


Make is powerful only if you know how to use it well.

Good job on figuring it out!

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