How to add an ACF field to a WP post

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I would like to add a custom ACF field to a post. But since there is not a third hierarchy where do I define the variables name?

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As usual. Everything looks correct to me, but there must be something not working. I tried to change a specific audio.

Please provide any error messages when there are errors.


You don’t need the the full URL for the URL line. It is relative to the …/v2 part so you can just enter


in the URL part and the rest is taken care of for you by the Make an API Call module.



I got one step closer: no more error message, but the acf parameter hasn’t been updated.

bumpedibump… bump… bump…

Is this such an impossible task?

What might be wrong? I can’t see any problems with the syntax.

I noticed that the durata key has a value of 08:03 - is this a string? If so it should be within double " and in the post it appears it is not in double quotes.

Also I wonder if you need to include the id as part of the body? Without the API docs it is hard to tell – can you reply with the API docs for the /audio/ POST WordPress API call?


I found the error
I took the json from another thread, but there was an error. The comma after the parenthesis!

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Continuing the discussion from The MAKE Wordpress plugins doesn't import custom fields:

I don’t believe you need the trailing comma (,) near the end of the collection in the JSON above.

Here’s the correct one…

    "acf": {
        "field_slug": "value",
        "field_slug2": "value",
        "field_slug3": "value"

I’m SURE I don’t need it… Because it didn’t work with the comma… :smiley: