How to add an image from Google Drive to Squarespace product

I’ve created a scenario which creates a a new SquareSpace product from Google sheets when a new Google Sheets row is created. It works perfectly.
NOW I’m looking for help with adding the image(s) associated to the newly created product. Images are within Google Drive.

I tried using the module template “upload a product image” but it requires the product id. Not sure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated.

The product id will be the id that you get from the Create a Product Module, you can map the ID available in the output of the Create a Product module to this.

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Thank you. I can see the Product id but wondering about the File Name. is it looking for the image file name? the image file is in my Google Drive. The the third component that the module is looking for is “Data”- I have not clue what that is looking for (I’m new at all of this)

To get data, you will need to use Download a File module in Google Drive, after using this module you should get the data required for Squarespace.