How to build a 'Multi AI Agent System'

Hey Makers! I just recently discovered this wonderful tool and am currently finding myself deep down the rabbit-hole ;). There is one topic that brought me to Make that I wasn’t able to build myself yet. Would love your input on whether this is even feasible with Make.

My Goal:
I want to build autonomous AI Agents in Make and connect multiple LLM modules that replicate the iterative work of Humans and pass data to the next modules or send it back depending on the evaluation of the output.

Very simplified Example:
Module 1 (Perplexity): Researches a topic depending on a research question
Module 2 (Claude): Challenges and improves the output.
Module 3 (Claude): Evaluates the research output and responds with “Yes” or “No” depending on whether all required criteria are met.
Assuming it responds with “Yes” it sends the data to the next modules.
Assuming it responds with “No” it sends the data back to Module 1 (Perplexity) to iterate the research.

What I did so far:
I played around a lot with the repeater module with different filter conditions but was not able to create this yet.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing your input!

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Hi Kilian. Welcome to the Community!

All apart from the last step can be handled within a single, simple scenario of one module followed by the next.

I’m guessing that you’d start the module with a Custom Webhook trigger, fired from a suitable Forms tool as the front end.

After Module 3, you’d place a Router module, using Filters on each of the two output paths for the Yes and No options.

If No, you’d want to use the HTTP Make a request module to call the same scenario all over again, with suitably modified parameters. This is a common programming model known as recursion.

To avoid infinite recursion, you might also want to include a depth-counter parameter in the webhook payload and exit the scenario if it becomes too deep.


Thanks for the warm welcome and the amazing input, David! I highly appreciate it! Can’t wait to try it out later.

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