How to collect metadata from woocommerce to telegram bot


I am new to integromat and I have no coding experience, I would like to know if its possible to get some more information using the Woo commerce watch orders and then send that info to the telegram bot. When I hover over the telegram bot only limited info was retrieved whereas if I look at the data from woo commerce I could see some data that I would want to use via the telegram bot specifically under META DATA.

I have shown a sample photo below on the data that I would like to capture. Currently my automation scenario is just Watch Orders > Telegram Bot


I have figured out how to use the get and map function but my metadata key keeps changing after every order from my woo commerce website. How do I deal with this?

Update: used key instead and it worked!


Question: How do I use the get and map function for sub arrays? (an array inside an array?)


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Hey @PR

Not sure if I should try to spoil it, but looks like you will figure it out :joy:.

For that I think you can use 2 map functions. A screenshot of such array would be helpful to understand the complexity.

Hi thanks for the reply! Still trying to figure it out, ive tried using an iterator but not sure if its right.

I want to get the special instructions data. Basically the special instructions data is located inside the meta data of fee lines and then I see a whole bunch of collections from 1 to 29. When I clicked collection 27 and 28 they both have similar info.

I’ve tried doing this but it doesnt seem to be working. Definitely need help, a bit too complex for me!


Hope you can help! Haven’t figured it out still :frowning: