How to connect two different forms (using Growform)


I have been using Make for a couple of weeks now and I really like it. But I have been struggling all week to try and figure out this issue.

So to give you an idea of our business, here at Investors Club we help website owners sell their business.

We have two steps: Form #1 and Form #2 (both for Content & eCommerce sites). I have linked to the URLs for my scenarios for both Form #1s for content and eComm.

Once a seller completes Form #1, there are some criteria on our end to determine whether or not a website will be a good fit for our marketplace.

For example, if the site hasn’t been generating revenue for 6 months or it hasn’t been averaging $500/month in profit, they will be declined. (Also if the site is a sex, drug, gambling, etc related niche).

But let’s say that the seller fills out Form #1 and it meets our criteria.

We have someone on our end now send Form #2 (which is sent using a trigger on Make here:

But when the trigger occurs and sends them an email that contains a link to Form #2, how can I know that when they fill out Form #2, that it was connected/tied to the same seller/customer who filled out Form #1? They seem disconnected and the submission of Form #2 would come in on its own, not connected to the same person that filled out Form #1.

I have attached some screenshots of Growform, but here are the links to Form #1 & 2 for Content websites:


Long story short, how can we use Data Stores/Structures (I think) to track and connect the seller that fills out Form #1 to their Form #2.

There are ways to put hidden fields in Growforms (in screenshots) so that the key that is created in Data Stores connects to the forms, but I’m just not sure exactly how to do this.

Any help is appreciated.