How to copy spreadsheet from google drive to S3

I would like to achieve following scenario:

  1. I have a folder on google drive where spreadsheets will reside and will be edited.
  2. I want all modified spreadsheets to be copied to s3. Each modified spreadsheet will have the same name + current date time

What I did:
Scenario where trigger is Google Drive Watch files in a folder and action is AWS S3 Put file. In general, the scenario works and files are created in my s3 bucket but the file is empty because I don’t know what to put in the Data setting of the action. There is no option to pick file contents there, only metadata like file Id, access options etc.
How can I simply copy a modified file from Google Drive to S3?

Basically, you need a module that outputs something exportable as a result…if you are working with spreadsheets, I would explore taking the csv module and sticking in between them.

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You could use the google drive module to download to get all the info then upload to the s3

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Hello, @Marek_Wesolowski; once you use the Google Drive module with the Watch File in a Folder action, then use the Download a file action, and finally, the S3 module with the Upload a file action.

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