How to create a facebook connection using the api

I want to create a facebook connection using the api. For a webhook whose typeName is “facebook-lead-ads-new-event”. I don’t know how to create such a connection. In the api documentation there is an example with slack but regarding facebook I don’t know how to do it. Attached I leave a scenario that is where I want to link the connection once created (but all this using the api)

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Welcome to the Make community!

Looks like you have already created two Lead webhooks. Are there any issues using those two?


Hi, @samliew
There are not issues. Those webhooks were not created with the API.

Make provides a default app to handle the connection. If you would like to use your own self-hosted app using the App created on the Facebook Developer platform, you can toggle the “Show advanced settings” here and insert the Client ID and Secret that Facebook provides to your custom app when you create one.


No, it’s not my problem.
In a nutshell. I want more in-depth documentation about the Make REST API.
Like this but I want more.

Hello @Verney_Quiroz welcome to the community :wave:

Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to create webhooks with Make API.

However, feel free to log this as a feature request to our :arrow_right: Idea Exchange where other users can upvote it and you can follow its progress.


Hello @Michaela.
I have already created webhooks with the API.
I just created an Elementor webhook.
I’m very confused. Why do you tell me that it is not possible?
Are you referring to a specific webhook?

Hi again @Verney_Quiroz :wave:

I apologize if there was any confusion in my previous response. What I wanted to say was that I don’t think it’s possible to create shared webhooks via Make API, given their unique nature. I am mentioning this because FB Lead Ads webhooks should fall into the shared webhooks category.

It’s fantastic to see that you’re already engaged with our support team. I recommend carrying on the conversation within the ticket because that’s where you’ll receive the most accurate technical information.

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