How to: Data Mapping into NOTION Database "content"

First, I’ll admit, this is my first attempt at using make, so there may by some simple ignorance involved here, but…it seems like what I’m trying to do should be pretty straightforward.

Trying to push map the body of an email to the content of a new Notion database item.
The Notion “Create Database Item” app doesn’t seem to allow me to write to the “body/content” of the item - only to database fields. So my only mappable fields are “name”, “type”, and “status” which I’ve created in the database – no generic “content” field.

For the record, my full scenario is Custom Webhook (Email) → Markdown [of the HTML body] → Notion (Create Database Item).

Appreciate any help anyone might be able to lend!

Hi. You can try using the “Append to Rich Text” action in Notion to add the email body to the “content” field of the new database item. This will allow you to append the email body to an existing Rich Text field in the database. In order to do this, you’ll need to create a Rich Text field in your Notion database, then map the email body to that field in Make. Additionally, you can use “Create/Update” action instead of “Create Database Item” action which allows you to edit existing fields rather than only creating new fields.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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Thanks for the suggestions.

  1. On quick read, I’m not seeing how to flag a text field specifically as “rich text” (I tried just a text field and markup wasn’t parsed. However, both that text field, and a “defined” rich text field appear to be limited to 2000 characters which is going to be limiting for me (this thread is already there).

  2. When you say “Create/Update” – I’m reading that to be a reference to after selecting Notion as the Module, that there’s an action available by that name that your suggesting – I’m not seeing it. What heading is it under; and can you spell out what it is labeled as fully?
    (for the record, I also reached out to support, and they responded by suggesting using “Create a Page” which requires the database item to exist already - which obviously doesn’t fit my scenario)

So… this doesn’t feel nearly as elegant as it should and instead of being a single-step effort, it’s a multi-step one. But I’ve solved for my original problem of getting data into the Content of a database item (the caveat being that markdown isn’t being parsed - but that feels like a problem for another thread).

Scenario Workflow - 5 modules instead of 3:

(1) Custom Webhook (Email) → (2) Markdown [of the HTML body] → (3) Notion (Create Database Item) → (4) Notion (Search Database Object) → (5) Notion (Append a Database Item Content)

Step 3 is adding a unique ID to the database (the message ID)
Step 4 is finding that unique to find the newly created database record
Step 5 is then using that database record and appending the marked down email body from (2).

This is getting all of the content where it should go, although the markdown isn’t being processed by Notion. Further, the markdown converter in 2 also doesn’t seem to be fully converting the message (visible by pulling the output directly from the module while testing). Quick test it converted a little at the start of the messages but then looked to just stop and left it as HTML.

Hi @autothisthat :wave:

It’s great to hear that you managed to find a solution to this, awesome stuff!
Also, thanks a lot for stepping back into the community and for sharing what you found out with us. It’s greatly appreciated :pray:

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