How to display all custom value categories from Gohighlevel using HTTP

Whenever i use the “GET Custom Values” from Gohighlevel with an HTTP, the outputs shows all of the custom value categories (which is what I want).

The only problem is that whenever i try to map it, it only shows one custom value instead of all five. how do i fix this?

Here’s how you can fix the issue using an array iteration module:

  1. Add the “Array Iterator” module to your Make,com scenario.
  2. Connect the output of the module that provides the array with the five custom values to the “Array Iterator” module.
  3. Inside the “Array Iterator” module, you can now access each custom value one by one.
  4. Map the individual custom values to the desired destination or perform any actions that you need for each value.
  5. If you need to loop through all five custom values, make sure you set up the “Array Iterator” to loop through the entire array.
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