How to download a file with the link created in dropbox

I have created a link in dropbox - create a share link, see photo 1, if there is no password for this link, the Download URL can be used by HTTP-get a file. But my question is that when there is a password for the link, see photo 2, how can I download a file with that link? or How can I use this link? When I download the URL, it shows me like this, see photo 3. So any chance to input the password?

Hi @Wentian

API is available for download a password protected file from dropbox. Please check the below link

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Thanks for your reply.
Not too familiar with API. I have created a dropbox - create link, input a password “1” for example, photo 1. Then connected with dropbox API, where should I input the password in this app? photo 2. the URL is the download URL generated from previous app.

this is the text you show me in the link, I am wondering how I should apply it in the case.

Please advise here, thanks!