How to dynamically select a google sheet and worksheet?


I want to be able to select a google sheet and google worksheet based on the dynamic variables from previous steps in my scenario. Currently the options there are pretty limited when it comes to selecting the sheet.

For example, every year the name of the sheet will point to a sheet of a different year: Sheet name 2022, Sheet name 2023 … I want to insert a dynamic option, so: Sheet name , and for Make to automatically find that sheet.

Is there a way to do this, and/or what is the best workaround to achieve this?

Thank you in advance!

There is a way to get this, Provided that you have either the Sheet Name or their relevant ID.

For eg, if you are using Add a Row Module, Select Option Choose Manually for Choose a Method select dropdown.

In here you can pass the SpreadSheet ID and then the required sheet name. You can grab the SpreadSheet ID Directly from the Google Sheet URL or from the Select by Path in the same option that will display the SpreadSheet ID in Make.

For the SheetName, you can refer the output of the previous module to get the required Sheet Name.


Thanks @Runcorn ! I indeed thought so :slight_smile: However, I was wondering if the Sheet name can also be dynamic (right now we have to automatically link it to one, but I want to have a separate sheet for each year. Now I’d have to change the link yearly which is also not a problem, but it’s an extra step I was trying to eliminate).

Yeah, It is possible to do so, In sheet name field you can map the name from previous module, so it is just matter of using variable over there.


Fair enough, I indeed found a way to find a google sheet in a step before using Google Drive step, insert the dynamic sheet name there, get the sheet ID from that step and then insert it manually in Google Sheets step.

Thanks for your help!!