How to edit fields in Make Scenario with Update Scenario module

Hello , i have scenario like (template) for woocommerce .
And i want to create new scenarios in make but i want to change some fields inside with new data .
My main thing is to find a way to populate the attribute fields of woocommerce for the updated scenario with new data for example new item attribute with new option field .
How can achieve it ?

You can use the Make integration modules for this

You could probably just use the built-in function replace if you are just replacing a single text string in the blueprint.


replace(blueprint; option_old; option_new)

For more information, see


Hello @samliew
Thanks for your time !
It might be a good solution indeed.

Although ,the main thing i want to solve is to add new attributes mapping.

In the attachment you can check i map 6 attributes there is a way to add more attributes in the next step of scenario ( Update scenario-Make ) ?

Mr. @samliew did you have anything to propose to make this connection ?
To add more attributes ?