How to export google sheet but see no default broder

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How to export google sheet but see no default broder

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Where is the data stored, which you want to export to Google Sheets? Can you please provide more details and screenshots so that others can help?

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Hi samliew,

now I create a flow like this download the google sheet as pdf,

But the pdf download by will have the default border ( grey one), and

but if I use google sheet to export pdf, there are no default grey border

I’ve answered your question here

In your original spreadsheet template file, you need to Select ALL rows and columns

Then set the border colour to white.


The downloaded PDF file will have white borders:


Hi Samliew,

thanks for sharing, problem can be solve so far, but there’s a suggestion that can apply the print pdf function on google sheet so that no need to do one more action

The print PDF interface is only available when using the Export to PDF function, which is not available via the Google Sheets API, so it is not possible.