How to extract a string of items from multiple collections and stop iterator

Hi Makers!
My goal is to set a variable as a string of comma separated “id” items from the following scenario, having also troubles in stopping the iterator to set multiples outputs:

Using an aggregator I’m able to select only the ids I’m interested to, but then those ids should be returned like id_list: “1, 1027, 825… etc”

How to achieve this?

Thanks to anyone can help me :slight_smile:

Hey @GBO , there are a few things you should change to get this working :wink:

The aggregator should be aggregating data which comes out of the iterator, because this is the initial “source” of all these items. Because of this, make sure you set the Source Module setting within your aggregator to be the Iterator.
This would then properly put all items into an array, instead of multiple bundles .

Once that is done, you will have an array of all IDs inside of a collection. To get a “flattened” array with all IDs you have to use the map() function. It would look something like:

If you then finally want to combine all these IDs into a string seperated by a comma, you can use the join() function.

Hope this helps you get further!
Let us know if you need any additional assistance.