How to extract information in an http page using http request

i try to extract the names of article and their iscriptions iwith http request but i dont knwo where i have to mention the CSS SELECTORS for my request infomations
here is the link to a website and i want to extract the new articles who cames recently

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Instead of HTTP, you can use ScrapeNinja which allows you to select specific elements from the page using the extractor function.

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but i want to automate thant and every time a new article arrie in that website i extract ll the information that concern it

do this dynamicly not just one time

Does the website have a list of articles? Does it have an RSS feed for the articles?

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yes it has a list of articles but not rss feed i tried that and it does’nt work
Energy And Natural Resources | Oliver Wyman this is the url page wich have articles