How to extract items from nested JSON array


I watched the following video on the subject

Unfortunately the resolution is not good enough or my eyes are too bad to see what she is really entering

How can I define the new variable ?

or even simpler formulated

how can I tell make that in “Data” a JsonStructur is stored (not simply text) so that I can access the nested keys in the next module?

thanks for your help rob

Some additional Info- this are the first lines of the HTTP-response

“records”: [
“uuid”: “54dd6e8c-6d43-48a9-ad3d-a65339394199”,
“id”: 159,
“exam_certificate_uuid”: “4dd1ca6b-4504-4b85-90d8-36cc4ec82f59”,
“topic_uuid”: “880e20e6-64a9-4a8e-87d3-553a04cc70a1”,
“type”: “sample”,
“questions”: "[{"text":"According to …


I want to send back to the requester
response → records → question

response → records → question → text but there are more then 1 question in the response -
so fisrt step first

thanks rob

Turn on parse response in the http module configuration. You won’t need to parse json as a result.


Thanks but for the next level i need a Parse aswell .but know it is working …

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