How to format numbers into currency format on MAKE

Hey, I have an input data that comes in the form of unformatted numbers like this


I want to format these numbers as the US currency formatting system with the right commas, so basically I want the output like this


How can I do this? I thought of using the format-number function but couldn’t figure it out and didn’t find an article on how to do it properly anywhere

Formatnumber() will do the job.

formatNumber(1500; 2 ; . ; , )

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Completely Tangentially: :rofl:

Do you know of a minimal/clean solution,

for alternative separator formatting, such as (lakhs/croresIndian Number System)

Comma after first 3 digits, then after every 2 repeating.

Example Inside
 1 , 0  1 , 0 0, 0 0 0
 C   M   L  T
 R   I   A  H
 O   L   K  O
 R   L   H  U
 E   I  S
 O  A
 N  N
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