How to identify, isolate, and output a URL from GMail to


I feel as if this may be a simple question, but I have struggled to get this to work for me. I am looking to identify, isolate, and output a URL within the body of a received email. I have attempted to use Text Parser for this task, and have been unsuccessful.

Currently, my scenario is simply Gmail β†’ Switch β†’ where the Switch tool is simply identifying a keyword in the body of the email (support representative email address) and then outputting the User ID so that I can then map the correct Owner assignment into Monday on item creation.

There is also a URL Link in the body of these emails that I would like to extract and have populate a simple text column in Monday. I don’t need to transform the url or output something different, I simply need to extract the url from a large body of text and then output it into a monday column of my choosing.



the easiest way to this is: Regular Expression.

You can use ( to create and test your regular expression on your specific body of text.

The text parser module will help you extract the specific information so you can request a file or page via the HTTP module. Here is the link to the documentation:


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