How to Image overlays/Watermarks?

could anyone please give me any directions how to place small overlay images over a big background image? E.g. I have a (background) image and would like to add pre-defined, smaller images over this background image at certain positions. I’m aware you can place watermarks on pdf’s, but I’d like to achieve the same with e.g. jpegs/pngs and store the resulting image. Many thanks.

Hi @Georg,

The easiest way is to use Cloudinary. The documentation is great and their free tier generous: Adding Watermarks, Credits, Badges, and Text Overlays to Images

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Many thanks for your answer. It seems the make module doesn’t support this yet, perhaps just through an api call…? We require to place several badges on top of an existing background image, and then create/merge all those elements into a single image and process it further in the scenario.
I might be tempted to use a google-drive document, place merge-tags over an image there and replace them with the badges, but this seems to be awkward…

You just upload the image to Cloudinary using Make then you just “build” the url with the overlay and get the actual image using the HTTP - Get File module.

You could potentially make something work with Google Doc or Slides but it is not ideal. With Cloudinary you have way more control to build your image.

So the background is static and the overlay is dynamic, correct?

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Ok many thanks, I’ll give it a try!

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