How to insert a link inside doc


I have a simple Scenário:

Module 1 - Google Sheet - Where i read a sheet with 3 colunns (Title, Keyword and url)
Module 2 - OpenAi / ChatGpt - Where i write a blog content with title and keyword on the sheet
Module 3 - Google Docs - Where i create a document with content created.

What i need: I need the generated document to have 1 link in html to the url that is in the worksheet using as anchor text the keyword that is in the worksheet.

I tried to solve this in several ways with the ChatGPT prompt, but it does not make the link “clickable” and also does not use the correct keyword as anchor text.

can you help me?

This is my prompt:

Language: Portuguese
Write a 1200 word blog content with title {{10.0}}. Text most be optimized tto keyword {{10.1}}. Make sure not to have overlap with other headings. Output using HTML tags for formatting, starting after the body. Do not output the H1. Use formatting including headings, bold, UL/OL. Be sure to use accessible language and weave in authoritative advice, making the content both informative and enjoyable for the reader.

You could use a text replace module between modules 2 and 3 to replace the keyword with a HTML anchor tag.

Something like this perhaps