How to insert multiple variables in a single body simultaneously using Text Parser: Replace?

Hi Makers!

We’re trying to send a dynamic email to our clients using Regex. However, we have multiple variables on it and its stored in Data store(first/last name, email, url, etc.). I can only replace one variable at a time in the email body

Is there a way to replace the variables simultaneously?

The attachments are sample email that we send. When I use the match it finds the 2 pattern but cannot replace those 2 at the same time. I wanted to replace the ##.*## with a word hello but could not do it on one go

Your help would be very beneficial!


You can use my free app called “Eyals Toolbox” and my module called “Multiple Search and Replace”.
Heres the app invite link -


Hi. Store the variables as a array in datastore using the email address as key for the record. So you can retrieve and use all variables at the same time.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.