How to know the user id in Make

How to know the user id in Make

I think you need to use the GET/users endpoint of the Make API(paid plans) to know the user id of the people in your Organization.

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If you want to get the user IDs of the users in your organisation, you can also open the developer console in your web browser, go to the Network tab, and then visit your organization’s Users page


Then, select the XHR filter and scroll all the way down and click on the users request and expand the users data:


This will provide the data about the users in your organization, including the IDs.

Alternatively, you can also use the Make integration “Make an API call”, in your scenario to call the List Users endpoint, or Current user data endpoint.

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Hi @Jhonnatan_Costa,

You can use the “Make: Make An API Call” module to list all the users. Please refer to the below screenshots for more details.

Please refer to the below documentation so that you can add filters.

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