How to open a URL

This feel so silly, however I’m building an app with Glide and integrating into Paystack for payments

I made a call to the Paystack API to initialise a transaction
I receive a URL via the responce

“Bundle 1Collection
Authorization URL Paystack Checkout
Access Code XXXXXXXX
Reference YYYYYY”

From my understanding, I’m supposed to open the URL

I tried using HTTP, but that didn’t work?

@Gary I’m not an expert on the Paystack API, but I’m going to assume you want to delete the ‘Access Code’ part of this post just to be safe as that could give some access to your account to anybody who finds this post on the internet.

that being said, clicking on the link it looks like that has the webpage to make the payment.
Having used stripe before you most likely need to send this url to the end user filling out payment info. once they pay there will probably be a webhook you can set. up, or just periodically poll your open transactions to see if somebody paid.

e.g. cc processing companies should not require you as the developer to handle card information directly. They handle it for you so you don’t have to worry about all the regulations/liability etc…

Hope that helps.

Thank Tim … I edited the access code out :face_with_peeking_eye:

Not sure I can send the URL back to Glide, is there a way to open a new browser window from Make?

you should be able to update some glide field or table with the url that comes back from paystack. Then presumedly present the user a button or some such for them to open up and make the payment?

Not able to send back to Glide with the plan I’m on :frowning:

I see. Could you email or text the link to the user? I assume you just need to figure out how to get the link to them to pay.

Yeh, not sure how to get them the link to pay ?

here is the link to pay: Paystack Checkout looks like it came as part of the response from paystack.

Pull that from the response of paystack and include it in an email/text to the end user… assuming you have an email address or phone number to send it to… If you don’t have those things I think you need to re-think the flow / process a bit.

hope that helps.