How to process all records in a data store?

I got a data store with N rows. I want to fetch all of them and process them 1 by 1. I used “search records” to pull everything. Now what should I use to process them 1 by 1?

Hello there @juniorbansal :wave:

Awesome to hear that you realized using the Search records module is the way to go for pulling all the items from our data store! :clap:

Now, to help you out better, could you give us a little more insight into what you’re aiming to achieve with your scenario?

:camera_flash: It would be great if you could share some screenshots of what you have so far, such as:

  • your scenario flow and setup (functions, mappings, variables, etc.)
  • module configurations and outputs
  • any error messages you are getting

Hi @juniorbansal
You can see in the output of the “Search record” module, each row in the datastore is outputted as different bundles. so, it will be run one by one by default.

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