How to "refresh form" automatically in a scenario?

Hi, I use Make to sync my CRM from a database to different tools. I’m using Seatable as a database, but now I’ve encountered a problem. There are several multi-choice fields in the CRM, and there’s a chance I’ll add a new choice in one of the other tools. Since with Seatable you don’t have an “if the option does not yet exist in Seatable automatically create a new option”, Make throws a BundleValidationError.
Now, I just modified the scenario in such a way that before this “update dataset in Seatable” module, it automatically adds non-existing choices in the respected column. That part works. But when Make comes back to the original update module, a BundleValidationError appears again, from make because it hasn’t yet realized that a new option has been added.
Well, I could go there every time and click “refresh form” in the module, but that’s not the solution.

How can I now tell make in a scenario to check again to see if there is anything new? Do you have an idea?

if needed, here is the setup

Hi @Franz,

Can you show the current mappings on the module that is throwing the error? I want to check how you are doing that, Plus, Maybe adding a Sleep Module before it might resolve the issue, but as you have pointed if Make doesn’t allow select dropdown or checkboxes to be editable, I am not sure there is a way to resolve this unless if you can work with Make an API call module to handle the operation you want to do.

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