How to reply to a tweet from a keyword search

The scenario I am trying to create is:

  1. Fetch a tweet based on the tweet ID
  2. Reply to that tweet

Is it possible to reply to a tweet using the Twitter module, or is the HTTP module required? If the HTTP module is required, would someone help me with how to set this up, and which HTTP module would be required for this?


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I wouldn’t advise you to use the HTTP app, because Twitter now requires OAuth2, which can be a PITA to set up with the HTTP OAuth 2.0 module.



I’m not sure if the “Create a Tweet” module can make replies, but if you need help setting up a Twitter v2 connection, please refer to this post, as it outlines the current situation with Twitter’s new authentication:

You’ll need to create your own Twitter custom app in the Twitter developer dashboard following this documentation, first “Create Custom App and Client Credentials in Twitter”, then “Connect Twitter to Make” (using the custom app credentials).

You CANNOT connect using your personal Twitter account – this is a restriction imposed by Twitter, and is no way Make’s fault.

For more information, see