How to Rerun records and Test Scenarios

I have had some struggles moving from Zapier over to Make, and figuring out an easy way to test scenarios once and also rerun records. I think I have fixed my issues with the scenario, but I can’t figure out how to validate it with test data. Any ideas?

You can run your scenario at least once to see its outcome. Click the “Run once” button to test your scenario.

Alternatively, you can mock test data by temporarily replacing your trigger module with a “Parse JSON” module.

Make allows you to mock the data from the existing module and perform testing for your scenario. You can execute this operation using the Parse JSON tool from the Apps section.

For more information, see


Definitely the best answer, but that Remap tool can be intimidating to use, and it’s a little buggy. Recommend saving off a blueprint of your scenario before using that Remap, just in case!